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Columbia Business School
3022 Broadway, Uris Hall, Room 216 , New York , New York 10027


Total graduate business school: 1961
Full-time MBA: 1234
Executive MBA: 640
PhD program: 87

Application Deadlines

10/8/08 Jan. entry 10/8/08 Early decis. 3/4/09 Sept. Int'l 4/15/09 Sept.

Tests Required

For English profeciency TOEFL is required. Acceptable English language proficiency test is

Acceptable minimum score in GMAT: 660

Important Application Elements
GMAT Score , Resume/Work Experience , Application Essays , Interviews , Recommendations , Undergraduate Transcripts.


Full-time MBAs applied for financial aid for the current academic year: 61 %
Full-time MBAs receiving financial aid through school: 57 %
Mean MBA financial aid package for the current academic year: $ 58,653
Median MBA financial aid package for the current academic year: $ 73,317

Basis for Award of Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, academic merit, and a combination of need and merit
Full-tuition scholarships school will award during the upcoming academic year: 40
Applicant apply for scholarship as part of the admissions application.
Mean scholarships awarded to full-time MBAs in the previous academic year: $ 14,343


Total direct costs (tuition and required fees) of the entire MBA program:
Resident : $ 94,104
Nonresident : $ 94,104
Recommended annual budget (Resident): $ 75,589
Recommended annual budget (Nonresident): $ 75,589


Full-time program (months): 21
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