MBA is the foundation program of LUMS. LUMS business management graduates are ranked at top in Pakistan.


The unique five-year joint BA-LL.B is designed for students seeking a challenging, rigorous, interdisciplinary exposure to not just law but its vital related disciplines.

Program Focus

LUMS - Master of Business Administration program focuses
  • four provinces and countries around the world
  • cities, suburbs, small towns and farms
  • Public and private schools
  • every ethnic and religious community
  • across the economic spectrum

Class Profile

LUMS class profile base on remarkable diversity of interests. A class may consists of scholars, community volunteers, journalists, artists, athletes, actors, musicians, and enthusiasts of many other kinds.

Student Contribution

Every student in LUMS class contributes a lot about indepth knowledge of his/her field. LUMS develop a culture in such a way that every student add some value in the class.
LUMS creates a targeted class culture that focus the needs of MBA and the requirements of business professionals in the country. about class culture

Admission Criteria

Admission to the MBA Programme is based entirely on merit. LUMS adopts a defined admission criteria consisted of a series of evaluation steps. Your academic record, your social activities, your performance in aptitude test, and your performance in interview.

MBA and MBA Executive

  • A minimum of sixteen years of education resulting in a Masters or Bachelors degree from an HEC recognized University.
  • Entrance Test (Graduate Management Admission Test - GMAT or LUMS Management Admission Test - LMAT)
  • Work experience for MBA Executive is at least 8 years of full time wok experience with five years of experience at a managerial position for MBA Work experience is prefered but is not compulsory.
  • Interview performance
  • Candidates holding only a bachelors degree of less than four years duration will be required to produce an Higher Education Commission equivalence certificate of completion of 16 years of education.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test is offered as a computer adaptive test (CAT) worldwide. Apart from official test scores that LUMS requires directly from Educational Testing Service (ETS) USA, applicants must submit or mail a copy of the unofficial GMAT score as soon as they take the test.

The LUMS code for receiving GMAT scores from ETS is 0679.

LUMS Management Admission Test (LMAT)

LMAT is offered as an internal test of LUMS. Applicants have the option to take either GMAT or LMAT. Both tests carry equal weightage for MBA Admissions.


Taking the entrance test is not the same as applying for admission. You need to submit the application for admission separately.

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