AR: Analytical Reasoning

Analytical Reasoning of section of the test measures your ability to analyze and to draw result from a complex sitution by applying your logic.

Analytical Reasoning questions are majopr part of NTS GAT and NAT

Analytical Reasoning questions are major part of NTS GAT and NAT. The level of difficulty vary, in GAT the AR questions are some what difficult and complex that the questions in NAT.

Type of Questions

The analytical reasoning is made up of four type of problems. Each of these problems has five or six questions attributable to each fact pattern.
  • 1. Ordering:
    These problems require the examinee to place the "players" of the question in a certain sequence.
  • 2. Selection:
    These problems require the examinee to compose a smaller group of "players" from a larger group based on certain criteria.
  • 3. Allocation:
    These problems require the examinee to allocate the provided "players" into identified groups.
  • 4. Connection:
    These problems require the examinee to connect some of the "players" in the set of conditions based on some criteria or characteristic.


The following questions or group of questions are based on a passage or set of statements. Choose the best answer for each question and blacken the corresponding space on your answer sheet. It may be helpful to draw rough diagrams or simple charts in attempting to answer these question types.

Sample Questions

Six films (Quest to Hope, Rats, Sam, Terror, Victory, and Wellfleet are scheduled to be screened at a film festival. No more than two films may be screened during one day, but all of the films will be screened exactly once during the festival held Wednesday through Sunday. The screening schedule adheres to these parameters:

The producers of Terror will not allow it to be screened anytime prior to the screening of Victory. Rats and Sam are complementary shorts and are to be screened the same day. Quest to Hope and Wellfleet are both black-and-white films and should not be screened the same day.

Question 1 If Victory and Terror are screened the same day, which of the following must be true about the film festival schedule if it conforms to its parameters?
(A) Quest to Hope and Wellfleet will be screened the same day.
(B) Victory cannot be screened on Sunday.
(C) Sam and Rats will not be screened the same day.
(D) Exactly one day of the schedule will not have any film screening.
(E) Each day of the schedule will have at least one film screening.
Question 2
All of the following conform to the parameters of the schedule EXCEPT
(A) Sam and Wellfleet are both screened on Friday
(B) Wellfleet and Terror are both screened on Thursday
(C) Victory and Wellfleet are both screened on Saturday
(D) Quest to Hope is not screened on Friday
(E) Rats is not screened on Saturday
Question 3 If Quest to Hope, Rats, and Terror are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, respectively, and if the schedule conĀ¬forms to the parameters, then it must be true that
(A) Victory is screened on Wednesday
(B) Victory is not screened on Friday
(C) Wellfleet is screened on Friday
(D) Wellfleet is screened on Wednesday
(E) Victory is not screened on Saturday

  • 1 : D
  • 2 : A
  • 3 : E
The question in download provide you an indepth understanding of Analytical Reasoning questions.


A lot of practice is necessary to prepare analytical reasoning section of the test. The strategies described in many books are not as effective as the strategies for other sections of any test. You cannot rely merely on the exercises given for practice in a book. An average student must practice atleast 200 questions to achieve the target of about 65% score in this section.

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