Admission in Norway Institutions

Norway offers a unique experience for students. Norwegian institutions of higher education welcome applications from qualified students from all over the world.Internationalization is a priority for all sectors of the Norwegian education system,universities and university colleges are working to make their routines and facilities suit international students. Nearly 11 000 such students are currently enrolled at Norwegian institutions of higher education.

Residence permit for study purposes

Norwegian institutions of higher education welcome applications from qualified students from around the world.Over 9 000 foreign nationals are currently enrolled at this level of the educational system. Some universities and colleges offer specifically designed programmes for foreign students. International students are defined as all students without a permanent residence permit in Norway. There are three categories of international student,
1: Self-financing degree students
2: Exchange students
3:Students participating in various fellowship programmes
Eligibility for exchange and fellowship programmes is usually determined on the basis of national and regional bilateral agreements and fulfilment of quota requirements.

Applying For visa

You must have a letter confirming that you have been accepted by an educational institution before you apply for a study permit. An educational institution includes a university, college or other educational institution. The institution will decide if you meet its academic and language requirements. To obtain such acceptance, you must deal directly with the educational institution in which you are interested.
You should apply as soon as you receive your letter of acceptance from the educational institution.

Documents required

You must
* valid passport.
* National ID card.
* Admission letter
* One passport size picture.
* All Educational documents.
* One set of complete application forms for residence permit.
* Proof of financial support
* Documentation of housing (place to stay) in Norway.

Family permit during study

If you wish to attend general studies at upper secondary school, you may do so as long as the requirements are met for a residence permit for foreign nationals who receive fixed periodic benefits or have their own means.Foreign nationals covered by the EEA Agreement and the EFTA Convention may apply for the residence permit from within Norway. The application must be submitted to the police in the district where the applicant is living.

Working in Norway while you study

A foreign national who applies for a work or residence permit must have a fixed address in Norway for the period covered by the application. In practice, this means that the applicant must have the use of a house, apartment, bedsitter or similar. The applicant must be able to produce a sales contract, or a lease, or some other proof that she/he has a fixed address.

Note: the processing of applications may take a long time.

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