GAT- Graduate Admission Test

Most of Pakistani students recognize GAT as GRE.
GAT is a test by NTS - National Testing Service Pakistan. GAT provides a mean to select an applicant for higher studies (M.Phil., PhD) for universities.

What is GAT?

GAT is an aptitude test administered by NTS. GAT is conducted every three months. GAT score remains valid for TWO years. Once you qualify GAT you can apply to any university of Pakistan for MS, M. Phil., or PhD class on the basis of the score in GAT.

HEC Scholarships and Admissions

A student applying for any HEC scholarship (Foreign or domestic) must have qualified GAT.
A student applying for admission in MS, M. Phil. or PhD from any Pakistani university must have qualified GAT.

Prepare GAT

You can prepare GAT by your own. Buy the book "Smart Brain - GAT written by Muhammad Idrees. This book is NTS prefered book.
Find book seller from NTS website GAT Seller in Pakistan
If you feel difficulty in preparatiion, you can buy CAT Practice Exercises for GAT from: College of Admission Tests Multan. Its Website is

Prepare GAT Online Through Professionally Designed Course

The CAT Online offer an effective preparation for NTS GAT. The online course focus the success of the test taker with higher scores. Hundreds of students have prepared NTS GAT through The CAT Online. Prepare NTS GAT

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Classroom Courses

College of Admission Tests offers classroom courses for the preparation of GAT.
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GAT Format

GAT is consisted of three parts:   1- Quantittative Ability   2- Verbal Ability   3- Analytical Ability

Quantitative Ability

Quantitative Ability is consisted of two question types:   1- Problem Solving   2- Quantitative Comparison

Verbal ability

Verbal ability is consisted of four type of questions:   1- Critical Reading   2- Sentence Completion   3- Analogies   4- Antonyms

Analytical Ability

Anlytical ability is consisted of two question types:   1- Analytical Reasoning   2- Logical Reasoning

Types of GAT

To meet the needs of students of various disciplines GAT has been categorized in three types. The difference in each category is only the number of questions in each section (weight of each section)

Applying for GAT

Take the GAT General application form , Registration and Information about how to be registered for GAT from NTS website

Scheduled GAT

GAT is administered by NTS every three months. The score of scheduled GAT remains valid for two years.

Customized GAT

If academic calendar of a university or college does not match with any scheduled test by NTS. NTS arranges a GAT test on the requist of that university or college.
The life of such customized test is meant for only that admission for which the university has requested to NTS.
Visit Official website National Testing Service

NTS GAT General

College of Admission Tests offers highly effective test preparation . Visit: CAT Preparation

Free Test Preparation

Free Test Prep - Video lessons and Questions explanations by Videos

Past and Sample Papers

Download Sample Papers of Pak Universities

University Test Dates

Merit and Waiting Lists of Pak Universities

Merit and Waiting lists of All Pak universities


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