Antonym questions are part of verbal section of any test. The number of questions vary considerably from test to test. Antonym questions test knowledge of vocabulary more directly than do any of the other verbal question types, measuring the strength of your vocabulary and your ability to reason from a given concept to its opposite.

What they measure

Antonyms may require only general knowledge of a word, or they may require that you make fine distinctions among answer choices. Antonyms are generally confined to nouns, verbs, and adjectives; answer choices may be single words or phrases.


Each sample question in this section consists of a word printed in capital letters followed by five lettered words or phrases. Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters. Since some of the questions require you to distinguish fine shades of meaning, be sure to consider all the choices before deciding which one is best.

Sample Questions

Question 2 COMELY
Question 2 COGITATE


  • 1 : C
  • 2 : D
  • 3 : A

Download Sample Questions

Antonyms questions are basically, vocabulay questions. You must memorize vocabulary wordlist first then go for practicing the practice questions.


A sound base of English vocabulary is the root to have high score in this section. The first step in the preparation of Antonyms section of the test is to build a strong base of English vocabulary. A prospect test taker should not just memorise the meaning of ordinary words, but he go for in depth meaning of the words.

Download Vocabulary Lists

To familiarize yourself with the relevant words download a wordlist. The actual preparation of this section involves multiple steps. First memorize the wordlist, practice sample questions, and in the last take grand tests for self evaluation.

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