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Test Schedule 2020 - 2021

No schedule available. The reasons might be:
  • The institute has not announced the schedule yet.
  • This test is a child test. View parent test through link above.

About the Test

NTD is a standardized employment test for evaluation of the suitability the candidate for teaching profession.  A NTD qualified candidate will be considered as a suitable and preferred teacher for the institution. Specially; the NTS affiliated schools and colleges give preference over other candidate for the post.  Some times the school or college enforce the restriction that only NTD qualified candidates can apply for the post.


The test offers many benefits to the test taker.
  • The value addition to the test takers. The rating of the applicant is improved if he/she is NTD qualified as compare to the other non qualified applicants.
  • It certify that the applicant has potential for teaching and may be a good teacher to meet the standard of the institution.
  • Employment opportunities are increased
  • An applicant express his/her skills and proficiency in  teaching profession
  • Chances of being selected are increased

Test Pattern and Syllabus

For Bachelors Level (B.A)
English AnalyticalComputerPedagogyGen. Knowledge
For Bachelors Level (BSc)
English AnalyticalComputerPedagogyGen. KnowledgeQuantitativeTotal
For Masters Level (MA /M.Sc.)
ComputerPedagogyGen. KnowledgeQuantitativeTotal

Test Centers

NTS send test center information with role number slip or admit card.

Test Result Date

The result of the test is announced in the website of NTS. No other site is authorized to publish the result. Also a candidate should not rely on the result provided through any other source.

Validity of the Test

NTD remains valid for TWO YEAR . If a candidate take the test now, he/she will eligible to apply any post in any affiliated college or school on the basis of this test for two year. He/She does not need to take the test again during this period.

Retaking the Test

However; if candidates  feel that the score in one test is lower than they should have, they can retake the test on any scheduled date.

Role Number Slip / Admit Card

Role number slip or admit card is mailed to the candidates at their mailing address they provided on the application form. At the same time the role number is published NTS website.
If however; a candidate does not receive role number slip or admit card two days before the test date, he/she must contact NTS in person or telephonic. No other person or institution can help you in this regard. 

Accepted Applicants List

You must watch the list of accepted candidate list. If you are in the list then it is ok. Now  you are to wait for the role number slip or admit card only. On the other hand if you are not in this list, you must know why you are rejected. You are supposed to remove the objection by providing relevant information to NTS.

Rejected Applications

The second list containing the names of  Rejected Applicants is also displayed at the website of NTS. If your name is appeared in this list. You should hurry to remove the objection on your application so that you may take the test.


The major portion of the test is consisted of general questions. English, Analytical, Quantitative are the sections also found in NTS NAT. You can find detailed information of the contents for preparing these sections at www.entrytest.com . For General Knowledge you can visit www.admissionglobal.com for online practice questions.
Analytical questions need much practice and depth of underlying clue finding techniques. You need a lot of practice questions, time and effort to prepare this section effectively.


For this section you'll not find any material for practice. You'll have to rely on teaching skills and general aptitude to answer such question.

Books for Preparation

No exclusive book for NTD test is available in the market. However; as mentioned above some sections of the test are similar to the NAT (By NTS). You can buy NAT IIA for Quantitative, Analytical, English, and General Knowledge sections of the test. It is very much clear that not every section will be included in your test. For Computer section of the test you can buy NAT ICS which also includes Quantitative, English, and Analytical sections as well but not Gen Knowledge.

Past or Sample Papers

NTS has provided sample papers for each of  NTD category based on subject. You can download the sample paper for quick review but these sample papers are not full samples. You need much more of practice questions for each section. www.entrytest.com can help you alot for the preparation of NTD test.

Tips and Trick For Preparation

Tips and tricks for NTD are almost similar to the NTS. You can fine NAT link under Core Test at the top of this page.

How to Score High

There are three type of questions in NTD test:
  1. Subject Knowledge base questions - Computer Section
  2. General Interaction base questions -  Pedagogy Section
  3. Effort and Aptitude base  Questions - English, Quantitative, Analytical Sections
For the third type of questions i.e., Effort and Aptitude base sections, your preparation brings a lot of positive effects. You can score well by making more and more effort for preparation.

List of Test Qualified Candidates

A list of qualified test takers is published NTS website at the date mentioned in test schedule mentioned above.

Free Test Preparation

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Past and Sample Papers

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