Sentence Completion

Sentence completion questions measure your ability to use a variety of cues provided by syntax and grammar to recognize the overall meaning of a sentence. In deciding which of five words or sets of words can best be substituted for blank spaces in an incomplete sentence, you must analyze the relationships among the component parts of the sentence. Consider each answer choice carefully and decide which completes the sentence in a way that gives the sentence a logically satisfying meaning and allows it to be read as a stylistically integrated whole.

Read the entire incomplete sentence carefully before you consider the answer choices. Be sure that you understand the ideas expressed and examine the sentence for possible indications of tone (irony, humor, and the like).

Before reading the answer choices, you may find it helpful to fill in the blanks with a word or words of your own that complete the meaning of the sentence. Then examine the answer choices to see if one of them parallels your own completion of the sentence.
# Pay attention to structural clues in the sentence. For example, words like although and nevertheless indicate that some qualification or opposition is taking place in the sentence, whereas moreover implies an intensification or support of some idea.


Each sample question in this section consists of a sentence with one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Beneath the sentence are five lettered words or sets of words. Choose the word or set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Sample Questions

Question 1

The instructor added the restriction that all projects had to be _______: no student could research an area that had been investigated previously by anyone else.
  1. acceptable
  2. useful
  3. extensive
  4. authoritative
  5. original

Question 2

Just as congestion plagues every important highway, so it _______ the streets of every city.
  1. delimits
  2. delays
  3. clogs
  4. obviates
  5. destroys

Question 3

Some microbiologists believe that the attempt to kill the microbes that live on or in our bodies is a mistake and that the use of antiseptics cannot always be _______.
  1. justified
  2. spurious
  3. rejected
  4. estimated
  5. anticipated

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