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Analogies Questions with Samples

Analogy questions test your ability to find the relationship between the words in a word pair and to recognize when two word pairs cast parallel relationships.

What are Analogy Questions

Analogy questions base on:
1- Your base of English vocabulary
2- Your ability to understand the logical relationships between the word pair


In each of the sample questions, a related pair of words or phrases is followed by five lettered pairs of words or phrases. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.
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Verbal analogies tests are standardized psychometric assessment tests (also used on SAT, NUST NET, LSE, and other professional exams) that provide the institution/organization with information about a candidate’s general verbal acuity and insight.

Solving analogies is a terrific way to sharpen your thinking skills and prepare for standardized tests.

At first glance, the words in an analogy may seem to have nothing to do with each other, but the words are always logically related.

How to solve

Construct a Test Sentence: Before looking at the answer choices, try to establish a precise relationship between the words in the given pair.
It is usually helpful to express that relationship in a phrase or sentence. Then look for the answer choice containing the word pair whose relationship is closest to that of the given pair and can be expressed in a similar fashion.
Occasionally, more than one of the answer choices may seem to express a relationship similar to that of the given pair. Try to state the relationship more precisely, or identify some aspect of the relationship that is paralleled in only one choice pair.

English Vocabulary Depth

A single word can have several different meanings. Check to be sure you have not overlooked a possible second meaning for one of the words.
The vocabulary word-list in this download consists of fresh words normally appear in the tests. The memorization of these words will certainly be boost in your pool of English vocabulary.

Sample Questions

Question 1

A) restaurant : Cooke
B) orchestra : musicians
C) boxing : spectators
D) school : books
E) zoo : keepers

Question 2

A) oil : fuel
B) money : bank
C) lake : ocean
D) parent : family
E) beach : inlet

Question 3

A) cheat : pretend
B) speak : shout
C) applaud : disapprove
D) listen : eavesdrop
E) smile : grin
Answers:   1 : C      2 : C          3 : B


Analogy section is included in many of aptitude tests. A test taker must prepare this section.
First of all, the prospect test taker must improve his/her vocabulary. Not every vocabulary list is useful in giving answers to this section. Specific vocabulary words with relevant meanings are the basic requirement of this section.
        Download more questions
Practicing the download question provides you an insight of what is analogy questions on the test.