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All Affiliated Educational Institutions - Universities and Colleges for Admission in Masters Level Degrees

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Master Level Degree in any disciplin
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Test Schedule 2024 - 2025

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The institute has not announced the schedule yet.

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About the Test

NAT - II is a well known test for the admission in masters level degree courses. It is general test i.e., the contents of the test do not base on any particular subject. Candidate from any educational background having a bachelor degree (14 years education) can take this test. NAT - II is generally required by the professional degree awarding institutions either public or private.

NAT II is of five types

Arts , Biology , Mathematics , Physics , Islamic Studies

  • NAT IIA:  For candidates having 14 years of education in Arts and Social Science
  • NAT IIB:  For candidates having 14 years of education in Biological Sciences
  • NAT IIM:  For candidates having 14 years of education in Mathematics
  • NAT IIP:   For candidates having 14 years of education in Physical sciences
  • NAT IIO:  For candidates having 14 years of education in Oriental and Islamic Studies

Register to Take NAT - II

Every candidate of NAT - II must be register for the test at NTS before the scheduled date. You must follow the instructions given by NTS.         Registration for NAT II
Total Questions
The total number of questions in NAT - II is 100. Out of these 60 questions contribute General part and 40 contribute subject   part..

Test Pattern and Syllabus

Every NAT-II is also consisted of two major parts
  • General Part: Quantitative Section - Word Problems, Analytical Section, Verbal Section
  • Subject Part: General Knowledge, Islamiat, Pak Studies
For detailed information and practice material questions visit www.entrytest.com

Test Centers

NTS conducts NAT in all major cities of Pakistan. You will be informed about your test center in your role number slip or admit card.

Test Result Date

NTS publish your test result at its website on the scheduled date. Normally the result is made available early in the morning. To avoid web traffic you should visit www.nts.org.pk in the night or early in the morning.

Validity of NAT II

The result of a NAT II taking remains valid for applying an admission in NTS affiliated university or college for TWO YEARS. A candidate taking NAT II today can apply for any admission for relevant Masters degree in any affiliated university or college with in two years.

Role Number Slip / Admit Card

Admit card are required for the entry in the test center. So you must have obtained your role number slip or admit card before the test date. NTS dispatches the admit cards a few days before the test date. If in any case you do not receive the admit card  up to before two days of the test date, you must contact NTS immediately.

Accepted Applicants List

A list of accepted candidates for NAT II for a particular scheduled test is made available at the scheduled date. You must check whether your name is in the list or not. If you do not find your name in the list, contact NTS immediately to know the reason.

Rejected Applications

If your name is this list of rejected candidates, there must be an error or omission in your application form which is to be removed prior to a particular date.


The preparation of NAT-II includes two types of preparation schemes
  1. Preparing General Section
  2. Preparing Subject Section
For General section you have to memorize vocabulary for verbal section. For Analytical section you spare a lot of time for practicing sample questions. Where as for subject part you are to revise your subject matter.
For free preparation of NAT visit www.entrytest.com where as for paid preparation there is only one i.e., The CAT Online

Books for Preparation

The officially recommended book for NAT-II is NAT II  (Smart Brain Series) written by Muhammad Idrees and Published by Dogar Brothers.

Past or Sample Papers

The sample paper provided on the website of NTS does not reflect neither the actual difficulty level of the questions nor the actual number of questions. You can find sample paper on the website www.entrytest.com

Tips and Trick For Preparation

The subject portion weighs 40% of the test so dont ignore it. Find relevant material and practice a large number of questions. You may find the relevant subject lessons at www.entrytest.com along with practice questions at www.admissionglobal.com.
For Analytical section you must have a large number of practice questions. Without practice no trick or technique works for better result.

How to Score High

The pass marks in NAT is 50. But actually you need more than 70 points for surety of admission in a reputed university or college in Pakistan. The major hurdle in achieving this much score is Analytical section which requires a lot of effort to solve a large number of sample questions. Vocabulary is the key to attempt correct answers in verbal sections. 

List of Test Qualified Candidates

The list of qualifying students is published at www.nts.org.pk at the scheduled date as mentioned in the test schedule section above.