LUMS: Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance are vital business operations and require knowledge and understanding of all functional areas of business. There is a great demand of accounting professionals in Pakistan.

Major in Accounting and Finance

The graduates of this major are prepared for careers in auditing, corporate accounting, management consulting, government, not-for-profit organizations, and taxation as well as trainee managers in organizations. The broad-based curriculum equips students with tools of intelligent analysis, planning, control and decision making.


The BSc Economics programme at LUMS offers a wide variety of courses in macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, development, trade, and finance, among others. Courses are geared towards both mainstream and unconventional theory, and empirics, which ensures that a broad base of perspectives, new ideas, and applications are presented to students.

Economics and Mathematics

The Economics discipline has become highly quantitative and mathematical over time, and some sub-fields in Economics are ndistinguishable from pure or applied mathematics. Students going for graduate studies in economics in top universities are required to possess strong mathematical skills. The interdisciplinary major in Economics and Mathematics would be a way of preparing such students for their graduate and doctoral studies in Economics.
This major is globally popular, as it serves the purpose of learning mathematical tools required in the field of Economics. The students get an edge by going through a well designed curriculum spread over the period of four years.

Politics and Economics

The study of economics will prepare students to take part in governmental policy making and changes in economic systems. Economics study will not only impact the individuals but also contribute to the society at large.

Social Sciences

Students majoring in Social Sciences can choose between designing a course of study according to their own interests and preferences (self-defined major), or enrolling in two different disciplines (double concentration major). The disciplines currently available are: Anthropology, Economics, History, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Admission Test

For the admission in these majors admission test is key factor in admission criteria. About LCAT.

Fee (2009)

One Time Expenses

Fee Pak RupeeUS Dollar
Application Processing Fee100015
Test Fee100015
Security (Refundable)10,000150
Admission Fee 20,000300

Annual Expenses

Fee Pak RupeeUS Dollar
Semester Registration Fee19,000280

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