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MCQ Data Interpretation - Charts of Numerical Data

The CAT Online Free Test Prep MCQs Data Interpretation - Charts of Numerical Data

Data Interpretation: Charts of Numerical Data


di 01 datachart -93814784


On which day were the most burgers sold (hamburgers and cheeseburgers)?
Option A:      Sunday
Option B:      Monday
Option C:      Friday
Option D:      Saturday
Option E:      Tuesday
  A     B     C     D     E  
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Correct Answer: D

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To answer this question, you must understand the chart and do some simple computation. Working from the answers is probably the easiest method.

A. Sunday: 120 + 92 = 212

B. Monday: 85 + 80 = 165

C. Friday: 91 + 88 = 179

D. Saturday: 111 + 112 = 223

E. Tuesday: 77 + 70 = 147

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How to Solve Charts of Numerical Data

For Charts of Numerical Data question first understand the statement and the question stem. Try to solve and click the corresponding answer option. The drop down will appear to show the correct answer and explanation.