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Data Interpretation

The CAT Online Free Test Prep all topics in Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation Topics

There are four types of question format:

Graphics interpretation

Venn diagrams, charts, curves and other graphical plots each with two or three sub-questions consisting of sentences that need completing. The answers are selected from three or four-choices in a drop-down menu.

Two-part analysis

Verbal or quantitative reasoning with two answers to be selected from five or six choices... one per column.

Table analysis

A Table is given with three yes/no or true/false type sub-questions. The data can be re-sorted.

Multi-source reasoning

Three sources of information (memos, emails etc.) There can be three yes/no statements or a traditional five-choice multiple choice question. The same data set can be used for several questions.

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Answer the questions based on the following charts table or both.

Sample Question

A school has four sections A, B, C, D of Class IX students.

The results of half yearly and annual examinations are shown in the table given below.
Result No. of Students
Section A Section B Section C Section D
Students failed in both Exams28231727
Students failed in half-yearly
but passed in Annual Exams
Students passed in half-yearly
but failed in Annual Exams
Students passed in both Exams64554676

If the number of students passing an examination be considered a criteria for comparision of difficulty level of two examinations, which of the following statements is true in this context?

  1. Half yearly examinations were more difficult.
  2. Annual examinations were more difficult.
  3. Both the examinations had almost the same difficulty level.
  4. The two examinations cannot be compared for difficulty level.


Below are all question topics in the test. Take lesson or start practice questions.

Line Graphs

Bar Charts

Pie Charts

Charts of Numerical Data

Basics of Data Interpretation