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MCQ Data Interpretation - Basics of Data Interpretation

The CAT Online Free Test Prep MCQs Data Interpretation - Basics of Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation: Basics of Data Interpretation


The graph below shows historical exchange rates between the Pak Rupee (PKR) and the US Dollar (USD) between January 9 and February 8 of a particular year.

22 di pointgraph -25596464


On which day shown on the graph did the value of the US dollar increase against the Rupee by the greatest amount?
Option A:      Jan. 10
Option B:      Jan. 14
Option C:      Jan. 21
Option D:      Jan. 23
Option E:      Feb. 4
  A     B     C     D     E  
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Correct Answer: C

Explanation Video

Here, the scale of the x-axis is uniform. Hence, growth is greatest when the curve is steepest. The growth curve of the US dollar against the Pak Rupee is the steepest (increased by a bit more than six horizontal lines on the graph) on January 21. Hence, the answer is (C). On February 5th, the growth is the next greatest, growing by a bit less than 6 horizontal lines.
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How to Solve Basics of Data Interpretation

For Basics of Data Interpretation question first understand the statement and the question stem. Try to solve and click the corresponding answer option. The drop down will appear to show the correct answer and explanation.