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NTS GAT General

All MS level Degree Courses in Pakistan (Public and Private)

HEC - Higher Education Commission of Pakistan
Degree Level:
M. Phil/MS
All MS / M. Phil Level degrees
Test Type:

Test Schedule 2024 - 2025

No schedule available. The reasons might be:

The institute has not announced the schedule yet.

This test is a Sub Category test. View parent test through link at top right.

About the Test

GAT General is the test administered by NTS for the admission in all MS / MPhil classes in all Pakistan universities, Colleges, and Research Institute. It is compulsory for all applicants to qualify GAT prior to they apply for admission to the university for M. Phi. or MS classes. The minimum qualifying score of GAT is 50.

HEC Scholarships and Admissions

A student applying for any HEC scholarship (Foreign or domestic) must have qualified GAT.
A student applying for admission in MS, M. Phil. or PhD from any Pakistani university must have qualified GAT.

GAT is an Easy Test

In every batch more than 1000 people apply for registration and take test. The passing is ratio is not more than 4% to 5%. This pass ration is higher than world top standardized tests like GRE, GMAT and SAT. The reason for this high pass number is that the GAT is an easy test.

Types of GAT General

GAT is of two types:
  • GAT Scheduled Test
  • GAT Customized
  • GAT Scheduled Test

    This type of GAT is based on standard format and is scheduled by NTS for every three months. This remains applicable for every admission or job induction for one year.

    GAT Customized Test

    Many institutions require some amendment in the format of the standard GAT and a special test date matching their academic calendar. NTS conducts a special GAT on their required date with some what changed format or higher difficulty level. A customized GAT will be applicable only for the particular admission not for other onward intakes in the same institution or other universities or colleges.

    GAT General Categories

    There are three categories of GAT on the basis of field of Study:
    Number of Questions
    GAT CategorySubjects ListQuantitativeVerbalAnalytical
    A Subject List 303040
    B Subject List 255025
    C Subject List 304030

Test Pattern and Syllabus

Test pattern of the GAT consisted of following sections:
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Verbal Ability - Analogies, Antonyms, Sentence Completion, and Reading Comprehension
  • Analytical Ability - Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning
For details and further explanation of each section with examples and explanations you may visit www.entrytest.com . GAT is consisted of three parts:   1- Quantittative Ability   2- Verbal Ability   3- Analytical Ability

Quantitative Ability

Quantitative Ability is consisted of only one question type:   1- Problem Solving

Verbal ability

Verbal ability is consisted of four type of questions:   1- Critical Reading   2- Sentence Completion   3- Analogies   4- Antonyms

Analytical Ability

Anlytical ability is consisted of two question types:   1- Analytical Reasoning   2- Logical Reasoning

Test Centers

GAT is conducted in major cities in Pakistan simultaneously:
1 - Faisalabad 
2 - Islamabad
3 - Karachi
4 - Lahore
5 - Multan
6 - Peshawar
7 - Quetta
8 - Rawalpindi
9 - Bahawalpur
10 - Dera Ghazi Khan
11 - Gujranwala
12 - Hyderabad

Test Result Date

The result of every GAT General test is announced at the official website of NTS at www.nts.org.pk in the relevant section of the site. No other site is authorized to do so.

Role Number Slip / Admit Card

Role number slip of the applicant of the GAT is mailed to his/her mailing address at the specified date as mentioned in the Test Schedule section. If you do not receive the slip till two days before the test date, contact NTS. If your user account at www.nts.org.pk show your role number slip, get it printed to be used in lieu of the mailed role number slip.

Accepted Applicants List

An applicant for registration to the GAT can find its application status at the website of NTS (www.nts.org.pk). At a specific date (as mentioned in the Test Schedule ) list of selected applicants is displayed at NTS website.

Rejected Applications

A list of applicants is displayed at a specified date. These applicants have some errors in their registration forms. NTS gives a period in which he/she can remove the objection.


Not every masters or M. Phil in Mathematics or English can teach any aptitude test. You can imagine 99.5% of applicants with mathematics masters are FAILED in GAT General. Similarly; the fail ratio of master in English applicants is above 99.5%. The reason is that the standardized aptitude tests are not based on any subject. If mathematics and English are the roots of such tests, then why these tests are for non mathematics and non English subjects.
Actually, no subject matter is the part of the test.The whole of the test is of general nature.

Is a GAT Qualified Good Teacher for GAT

Every person has different capabilities. A master degree holder might not be a good teacher. A GAT qualified person might not be good teacher. He might have abilities to qualify the test but it is not necessary that he knows every in and out of the test. You need a professional teacher for GAT. Throughout Pakistan, one teacher has a good repute for success rate of more than 80% passed candidates with score as much as 92. You can prepare GAT with Mr. Muhammad Idrees of College of Admission Tests (www.cat.edu.pk).

Online Test Preparation

There is only one website offering GAT preparation at The CAT Online Preparation. For free help and free preparation of the GAT, you might find a lot of useful study material at www.entrytest.com

Books for Preparation

Only one complete and effective book available in the market is GAT General - Smart Brain Series by Muhammad Idrees. This book is specially focus your high score in GAT. Other books are also available in the market but all these contain irrelevant and out of scope of GAT material.

Past or Sample Papers

The sample papers for the GAT General are provided in the website www.entrytest.com . This site has plan to upload some past papers of GAT soon. You will be able to download the sample papers free of cost.

Tips and Trick For Preparation

GAT is a technical test. It is paper based test. It requires a lot of preparation effort to win desired score.

Best Tips For Success in GAT

You must know the strongest area of sections in the GAT in which you perform well. Keep your attention towards the highest score in this area. While for other sections set your target scores. For example, if you are an expert of mathematics questions, then prepare mathematics for 100% in this section and for other sections set your target scores about 80%. It will lessen your effort for weak sections about 80%.

How to Score High

Personalized strategies work for an individual to have high score. One strategy cannot be effective for all individuals. A professional tutor can guide you what is best for you.

List of Test Qualified Candidates

List of qualified test takers is displayed at the official website of NTS at a specified date as mentioned is the schedule of the Test section of this page.