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LUMS National Outreach Program

Deserving students with exceptional Matric and FA/FSc results (80% & above) are encouraged to apply through the National Outreach Program for a four year FREE Undergraduate Program.


The objective of this program is to provide opportunity to talented students from smaller cities and villages who are poor and are unable to fee of the program at LUMS.

Searching the Students

The identification and induction of top students belonging to underprivileged areas is an ambitious task and is stretched over 2 years. To ensure the reach to the maximum number of deserving students from all over Pakistan we contact all the 22 boards of Pakistan and select the top schools and colleges producing impressive talent. The NOP teams visits these selected institutes to conduct an awareness programme in forms of orientation and presentations not only for students but also for their teachers. This is also supported by a marketing campaign through print media.

LUMS NOP Plan of Action

To induct students into its Undergraduate Programs, LUMS follows these steps to ensure equal opportunity and transparency to the deserving candidates:
  • Identify hard working, enthusiastic and deserving students who after doing their Matric are currently studying in the 1st year of FA/ FSc
  • Assistance in applying to LUMS and preparation for the preliminary evaluation test
  • Guidance and coaching in preparation for the standardized selection criteria of LUMS while the students continue their study in FA/ FSc
  • Provide coaching and financial assistance to take the LUMS Admission Test, SAT 1.
  • Provide 100% scholarship to the finally selected candidates
  • Finally selected candidates to join undergraduate programs at LUMS in the same year.

How to Apply

The applicants need to submit their National Outreach Programme (NOP) application forms after receiving their matriculation results. The applicants short listed on the basis of the eligibility criteria appear in the Preliminary Evaluation Test. After being selected on the basis of this test the students are coached and registered for the entrance test, fully funded by LUMS. Finally, the students who apply to LUMS and qualify on merit, are offered admission on full scholarship.

There is no separate quota for National Outreach Programme (NOP) candidates. All students, whether they apply directly or through National Outreach Programme (NOP), are evaluated on the same criteria.

As regards assessment of financial need, a review committee has been established to ensure transparency in the process of awarding scholarships to all those who qualify for the admission through the National Outreach Programme (NOP).

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 80% marks or A+ Grade in Matriculation exam
  • Financial need

When to Apply

Students apply to the National Outreach Programme (NOP) after clearing their Matriculation exam. Application is normally submitted at least two years ahead of the Undergraduate Programme start date e.g. the students applying in 2006 will be able to join the Undergraduate Programme in year 2008. Hence the students of Intermediate part I & II are eligible to apply.

download NOP application form from the LUMS Official website.

Preliminary Evaluation Test

Students take the Preliminary Evaluation Test which is based on the Matriculation and Intermediate curricula. It comprises of three sections English, Mathematics and Analytical. Each section has multiple-choice questions. The duration of the test can be 75 to 90 minutes. Students are shortlisted for the coaching session on the basis of their performance in this test.

Use the following links to download sample test for Preliminary Evaluation Test

Final Selection

If shortlisted on the basis of their performance in the coaching session, students are asked are registered for LUMS Test. The application forms for Undergraduate Programs are provided free of cost. The forms are filled and submitted in the Admission Office. The admission status is communicated by the end of July each year. Finally, the applicants who qualify on merit are offered admission at LUMS and are eligible for the National Outreach Programme (NOP) scholarship.

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